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Soave by the Glass in Japan is Unstoppable

Japan calls and Soave responds. The successful promotional campaign, Soave by the Glass, created by the Consorzio in collaboration with Wellcom Alba and SoloItalia and directed by Shigeru Hayashi, is indeed confirmed, and will go ahead as scheduled in mid-July.  Even though there is still caution in the Japanese market, there is an inc [...]

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Japan: +22% increase for Soave by the Glass

The latest edition of “Soave by the Glass”, the promotional campaign coordinated by the Consorzio di Tutela in collaboration with the WellCome agency and the Ice Tokyo office, showed an increase of 22% in the number of bottles sold. “Lumino Carino” in Ehime, “Il Bacaro” in Tokyo e “Bar Ponte” in Oita are the contest winners  that sold [...]

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